Bay Area Ridge Trail
Distance: 375 miles
Difficulty: Easy to Difficult
Stroller Friendly: Depends of the location. Check the Bay Area Ridge Trail website first for specific trail details.
Suggested Ages: All
Cool Fact: The first trail segment was dedicated in 1989.

Rockville Hills Regional Park – Fairfield
The park is 633 beautiful acres of grasslands and oak woodlands, with a dense mixed broadleaf forest. The rich, biological and diverse habitats provide shelter to a variety of wildlife that make the park their home.
Distance: Many miles of trails to explore – Out and back
Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult
Stroller Friendly:
Yes with a jogging stroller
Suggested Ages: 8 & up. Infants and toddlers will do well in a front or back carrier. 
Cool Fact: Group camping is available!