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Bella Bunny Book
Bella has always loved the fur she is in, but when she starts a new dance class she can’t help but notice she is fluffier than the other bunnies. Addie and the mean bunnies make fun of her, but when Bella is given the lead role in the upcoming dance recital, she has the chance to show them what she is made of.
Pros: Perfect for children in dance!


Uncle Goose Periodic Table Blocks – Made in USA
What parents have to say:
Helps start the foundation for chemistry.
Pros: Easy to read and blocks stack well. Makes learning fun!
Downside: Storage space. Although they are not huge, they are larger than flashcards.
Suggestion: Start using the blocks before your child starts chemistry in school. They will be more familiar with the periodic table and can use the blocks well into high school.


Fred DINNER WINNER Kids’ Dinner Tray
What parents have to say: Makes mealtime fun!
Pros: Adds another way to help picky eaters try new foods. Kids love games and the tray adds variety into the regular routine. 
Downside: A tad bulky and does not stack with other dishes easily.
Suggestion: Great as a gift! Use the tray on a special day each week, maybe Friday to celebrate the weekend. Or use as a tool to reinforce positive behavior. All chores complete = special dinner tray that day!


USB Charging Station, 6 Port USB – Seenda with Smart Identification – Black
What parents have to say: Great charging station for parents or teens!
Slim design, lighted bottom, 6 ports. Great price level. 
Downside: The light does not turn off, it is dim, but if you are bothered by any light know it is there. It is darker than an alarm clock if that helps.
Suggestion: Great gift idea for the hard to buy for teenager.


Munchkin 2 Piece Snack Catcher, Blue/Green
What parents have to say:
These are a lifesaver helping to keep snacks contained and so convenient to take snacks on the go!
Easy to clean. Lids stay on (screw on) with little hands reaching in and out. Other types use snap on lids and they pop off easily.
Downside: If you fill with dry snacks such as crackers or puffs, they tend to absorb moisture from the air if left in the containers overnight. Not air tight, but that only means you might have a little waste at the end of the day if not all snacks are consumed.
Suggestion: As your child grows, the cup can be used as a small bowl, extending the life of the snack catcher.


Munchkin Portable Diaper Caddy Organizer, Grey
What parents have to say:
These organizers make traveling with kids super easy. They are durable and easy to clean!
Perfect to use in the car, family room, in a two story home and on road trips. Includes changing pad.
Although a little steep at roughly $20, they are well wroth the price considering that you can use them for all stages and also other uses around your home.
Replace a diaper bag with this caddy. If the caddy is stocked and in the car, you don’t have to carry supplies back and forth and saves time when getting ready to go out of the door.
Why we like it:
From infant to toddler, school aged to teenager, these caddies can be used for all stages and extend the life of the product. We found great use using these in the car. They make grabbing things a snap and keeps everything well organized.

Infants = diaper supplies and an extra change of clothes.
Toddler = diaper supplies, snacks, water, toy.
School aged = snacks, toy, book, water.
Teens = snacks, electronics, books.


OXO Food Storage Containers
What parents have to say: We love these containers because they are versatile and usable for all stages, all ages. 
Pros: Small, compact, excellent for making baby food and freezing. For older kids, perfect for blueberries, nuts, cereal, yogurt, any small snack. The lids lock well and do not leak.
Downside: Cleaning the lids can be a little tricky. Using a brush as opposed to a sponge works much better. 
Suggestion: Buy a couple of sets, you will use them and be happy that you have multiple units.
Why we like it: These containers are freezer, dishwasher and microwave friendly. If used in the freezer, they come with a tray to help keep the containers organized, and you can stack multiple trays.


Soft Leather Baby Shoes with Suede Soles
What parents have to say: Finding shoes for babies, infants and toddlers can be confusing. Hard sole vs. soft sole or figuring out what size to get. These soft sole shoes are great as primary or backup shoes, and are flexible enough to fit for a longer time period then hard sole shoes. 
Pros: Easy to put on. Wear with or without socks. Many designs to choose from.
Downside: Not machine washable.
Suggestion: To clean, use a slightly damp washcloth. A great baby shower gift idea!
Why we like it: The thin and flexible soles allow baby’s toes to grip the floor as if they were barefoot, making it easier for them to walk or learn to walk. The soft soles can also better develop a sense of balance and coordination. Another great perk… they are not super easy to pull off, so if your child likes to take their own shoes off (all of the time!) they have a good chance of staying on!


Re-Play Dinnerware Set
Re-Play No Spill Sippy Cups
Re-Play 3pk Bowls

What parents have to say:
Re-Play products are eco-friendly, nearly indestructible and are good quality.
Pros: Made in the USA. BPA free. Dishwasher safe.
Downside: Not recommended for microwave use.
These make great baby shower and first birthday gifts!
Why we like it:
These products and are easy to take on the go as well as use at home. They are also very easy to clean by hand washing, so you are ready for the next meal in a snap!


The Fifth Trimester: The Working Mom’s Guide to Style, Sanity, and Success After Baby
What parents have to say: I read this book before returning to work and it helped me better understand the transition from maternity leave back to work. Maybe better said, it helped me cope with the idea that I was going from seeing and caring for my cute newborn baby all day to 11 hours away from him 5 days a week. The transition back to work was tough, and a little boost, a little help in relating to others going through the same thing was so helpful! A solid, well-written read.
Pros: Insight to different job environments and no matter what field you work in, you can adapt the ideas easily.
Downside: It is hard to find time to read while caring for a newborn. 
Start reading this while you are pregnant or soon after you have your baby. The sooner the better to be prepared for a tough transition in your life.
Why we like it: Any help in parenting, yes please! The Fifth Trimester makes you feel like you are not alone and that your emotions and struggles with returning to work are totally normal!


Green Sprouts Fresh Baby Food Mill
What parents have to say: This handy gadget is perfect for a family on the go, with an infant or a toddler who eats pureed or finely chopped foods. We previously would try to chop or cut the foods that we ate while out and about, but that was time consuming and difficult. The baby food mill was suggested by another mom, and a great suggestion it was!
Pros: Instantly grinds foods individually, or you can mix foods for well rounded meal.
Downside: A tad bulky.
For traveling or out to dinner, bring the baby food mill in a gallon size zip lock bag, and when done using it put it back in the bag to take home. When at home, toss the mill in the dishwasher or hand wash so it is ready for the next day. 
Why we like it: The price is right for the convenience and so worth it! You can provide safe bite size pieces and a variety of healthy foods at the same time. The baby food mill includes your toddler in family meals and helps teach them to enjoy the same foods as you do!




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