Daylight Savings Starts: How to Adjust Bedtime to “Spring Forward”

March 8, 2022 by Hillary Schulte

Daylight Savings Starts Soon! 
March 13, 2022

Set your clocks forward! In Spring, time “springs forward” on the first or second weekend in March in the early hours of Sunday. While adults sometimes struggle with the change, children have a rougher time because they can’t prepare as well as we can. Their bodies are in sync with the 24 hour clock and one full hour makes a big difference!

To help children adjust, try changing bedtime a little bit each day and several days before. Follow this simple process for a smoother transition rather than going cold turkey and crossing fingers that daylight savings will pass without a struggle (yeah right!).

Choose to stagger bedtime by 10, 15, or 20 minutes each night leading up to the time change. The only difference is shorter increments will mean starting the adjustment a few days sooner than a larger increment. By the time daylight savings starts, your child will be better prepped and ready for the new time! Plain and simple, yet very effective!

Bedtime Adjustment Examples
If your child’s bedtime is 8:00 pm, the schedule will look like…

10 Minute Option
Tuesday 7:50 bedtime 
Wednesday 7:40 bedtime 
Thursday 7:30 bedtime 
Friday 7:20 bedtime 
Saturday 7:10 bedtime 
Sunday 8:00 bedtime (new time, used to be 7pm)

Begin on Tuesday. Start bedtime 10 minutes earlier each night.

15 Minute Option
Thursday 7:45 bedtime 
Friday 7:30 bedtime 
Saturday 7:15 bedtime 
Sunday 8:00 bedtime (new time, used to be 7pm)

Begin on Thursday. Start 15 minutes earlier each night. 

20 Minute Option
Friday 7:40 bedtime 
Saturday 7:20 bedtime 
Sunday 8:00 bedtime (new time, used to be 7pm)

Begin on Friday. Start 20 minutes earlier each night. 




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