Summer Bucket List 2021

Check out this fun, “transitional” from shelter in place to celebrating less COVID regulations, summer bucket list!

I hope that for the summer of 2021 things will be back more to “normal” and can include more things like camping, social activities and travel. Borrow this list or use it as inspiration to make your very own bucket list! 


Fly a kite

Go for a hike

Ride a bike

Read a book

Have a picnic

Go bird watching

Dance to music


Create a neighborhood scavenger hunt

Try a new ice cream flavor

“Build a Burger” for dinner

Watch a movie

Family game night

BBQ dinner

Make a fruit salad

Go cloud watching

Plant vegetables

Play family charades

Make art for your front window

Tell a story

Sidewalk chalk

“Paint” outside using water and brushes

Write a letter to family

Make s’mores

Camp in your backyard

Run through a sprinkler

Watch a sunrise

Watch a sunset

Build a fort

Write a poem


As thigs begin to open up:

Volunteer 2 hours

Try rock climbing in a gym or outdoors

Go bowling

Go snorkeling 

Go camping

Play miniature golf

Go to the beach

Try boogie boarding or surfing

Go to the drive-in movies

Go to a movie theatre

Watch fireworks

Go to a park

Go swimming or to a splash park

Watch a baseball game

Sit by a campfire