Homemade Chili

Looking forward to the fall weather… I was inspired to make a family recipe created by my stepfather. One of the best perks is it takes approximately 10-15 minutes from start to finish! You have the option to let it simmer on the stove or let it sit for a little while to let the … Read more

Summer Bucket List

For 2020, our bucket list has been updated with social distancing in mind. All bucket list ideas can be done at home or in your neighborhood! We are hoping that for the summer of 2021 things will be back more to “normal” and can include more things like camping, social activities and travel. Borrow this … Read more

Easy Homemade Hand Sanitizer

Washing hands is ideal over the use of hand sanitizer. But most moms know, having kids means extra hand washing and sometimes hand sanitizer saves the day as a backup solution. Use has also increased now with COVID-19 prevention. Kids like to use their hands for just about everything, and touch objects and their faces … Read more