Refreshing Self Care

Self care is a hot trend and also hard to come by, even more so with COVID in play. I see so many people diving in now, but isn’t self care something that should have always been part of your routine? YES!

Don’t overwhelm yourself with a huge idea or goal to meet every day. Instead, choose something small to do for yourself each day. Spread the big self care days out (like a spa day) and add in more little, simpler “me time” in the middle. If you are a planner, make a calendar for the month and if you need to, schedule your self care!

Refreshing your mind and your body will go a long way in the big picture. If you don’t take care of yourself, who will? and if you are struggling to make it through each day, who will keep your kids going? You have to be 100% in order to keep going. Will you have bad days? Yes! But you can still take a few minutes out to refresh and recharge yourself.

I like to use the saying that we use in accident prevention, “In an emergency YOU are first, then you help others”. Hard to put yourself first sometimes, I know. But is is absolutely vital to keep functioning properly and in a healthy way. Here are a few ideas to recharge:

Dink Water with Lemon
It is amazing what a little lemon can do! Squeeze a lemon wedge into water and instantly transform the pH balance. Lemon not only adds a refreshing flavor, it also aids in water absorption and adds a little boost of vitamin C! Easily substitute lime, orange or other citrus fruits instead of lemon. Try infusing water and drink it through the day.

Sit Outside for 10 Minutes
A little time in the fresh air, warm sun, or even the coolness of a rainy day is so beneficial! On a busy day, or on a day full of stress, sitting outside for just 10 minutes can really go a long way. Recharge yourself and boost your mood by recharging outdoors.

Take 10 Deep Breaths
I personally love this one. It is so easy to do, and yet I still have to remind myself to breath deep now and then! 10 slow, deep breaths can make a big difference in the world of self care. The best part about breathing, is you are already doing it! Try this one at work, in the car, at home while making dinner, while watching a show, just before bed, or better yet, all of these times. I also like to use this one before interviews or when I am anxious or nervous about speaking. So effective! 

Try Aromatherapy
Do you need essential oils to do this? No. Is it helpful if you have them. Yes. If you have oil to use, try diffusing a blend that you make or a different scent then you usually use. Also try putting a drop or two on your wrist for a subtle whiff through the day. Sprinkle a few drops on the wall of your shower just before you get in. I recommend eucalyptus, mint, citrus or lavender for the shower. Be sure you use oils okayed for topical use. Also check with your physician if pregnant or using oils around children. Most are ok for kids, but a few are not, and more so topically. 

No oils? Here are some creative aromatherapy ideas:

  • Light a good smelling candle and enjoy the fragrance. 
  • Do you have herbs? Cut rosemary, mint, basil, thyme, oregano or any other herb and crush it with your hands. Take deep breaths and enjoy the fruits of your labor from the garden! The oils will stay on your hands until you wash them.
  • Take a bubble bath with a bath bomb or your favorite body wash. Load up to get the aroma going, relax and enjoy.
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Ride a Bike
Take a quick spin around the neighborhood or head out and make a day of it. Being outside in the fresh air and getting exercise at the same time is a great combination. Add biking in and you have a great self care session coming! Read here for the benefits of biking.