International Women’s Day

Let’s celebrate YOU!   To all of the moms, stepmoms, grandma moms, aunties, sisters, adopted moms, moms who carried and lost, moms who tried to become a mom but couldn’t, if you have kids or not…   Someone admires you for the leader and woman that you are! Cheers to you today, and every day! … Read more

Running a Business and a Household: Entrepreneur Moms Need Self-Care

Guest article written by Cheryl Conklin These days, more moms than ever are starting their own business so they can have it all. There are so many wonderful things about running a business, but it also comes with a ton of challenges, especially for parents. Here at Solano Super Moms, we understand just how challenging … Read more

How To Look And Feel Your Best During The Pressure Of The Pandemic

Guest article written by Cheryl Conklin You’re a mom. That means you don’t always have the time or energy to fuel your own tank. But now is not the time to run on empty. The pandemic has been hard on all of us, and you’re not doing yourself any favors by neglecting your own health … Read more

Daylight Savings Ends: How to Adjust Sleep to “Fall Back”

Set your clocks back! In Fall, time “falls back” on the first weekend in November in the early hours on Sunday. While adults sometimes struggle with the change, children have a rougher time because they can’t prepare as well as we can. Their bodies are in sync with the 24 hour clock and one full … Read more

What to Pack in a Labor & Delivery Bag

Preparing for nights at the hospital when you deliver may seem overwhelming to a new mom. There are tons of lists an opinions out there it is easy to get lost in what you need to pack for the basic essentials. And, what one person needs, another may not. Who really is the best resource? … Read more

Easy Homemade Hand Sanitizer

Washing hands is ideal over the use of hand sanitizer. But most moms know, having kids means extra hand washing and sometimes hand sanitizer saves the day as a backup solution. Use has also increased now with COVID-19 prevention. Kids like to use their hands for just about everything, and touch objects and their faces … Read more