Easy Homemade Hand Sanitizer

Washing hands is ideal over the use of hand sanitizer. But most moms know, having kids means extra hand washing and sometimes hand sanitizer saves the day as a backup solution. Use has also increased now with COVID-19 prevention. Kids like to use their hands for just about everything, and touch objects and their faces too, all through the day. 

Hand sanitizer is a hot commodity nowadays and hard to find in stores and online. Making your own is very simple. Three ingredients and five minutes later you can have your own homemade gel hand sanitizer. Keep sanitizer in the car, purse, backpack and other places around the house for easy use. 

Check under your sink, you might have these ingredients already! But if you don’t, rubbing alcohol can be found at CVS, Target, grocery stores, drug stores. It is not shipped through Amazon however. But Target will ship it!  Maybe you have an extra bottle in your first aid kit or cleaning supplies? Aloe vera gel and essential oils can be delivered to your doorstep through Amazon, Young Living, Doterra, Target or CVS online. Or, try Instacart to deliver the ingredients needed. 



Isoprophyl (rubbing) Alcohol 2/3 cup
Aloe Vera Gel 1/3 cup
Essential Oil 10-20 drops

Isoprophyl Alcohol (rubbing alcohol)
The higher the percent of alcohol, the better. I used 70% and it works, but a higher percent will give you added antibacterial advantage.

Aloe Gel
Try to find 100% pure aloe gel. It is commonly in the first aid aisle or in the health and beauty section.

Essential Oil
Use any scent that you desire. Lavender is a common choice, citrus works good too. Since this is a homemade product, it will have a strong alcohol scent. I added 20 drops of essential oil and the oil only adds a hint through the stronger alcohol scent. Use as little or as much essential oil as you wish, but 10-20 drops is recommended.

Optional: add 10 drops of jojoba or vitamin E oil for added moisturizer.



Bowl (medium)
Spoon or whisk
Pump or flip top Containers for the sanitizer 


Step 1
Measure The ingredients out and put them in a bowl. Mix thoroughly. If you want to increase the volume, you can use the guideline of two parts alcohol to one part aloe vera gel. Add more essential oil accordinly.


Step 2
Pour the sanitizer mixture into the desired container. For this recipe, I used two 3.4 oz travel size containers. This recipe will yield just under 7 ounces. Any container will do, as long as it has a lid on it. 


Step 3
There is no step 3! That’s it! So easy to make and best of all, homemade!