12 Days of Christmas Deliveries

We have been separated from our friends and family more this year than ever. The disconnect feels awful and I long for going back to “normal”. I have Zoomed, Facetimed, visited on a porch, waived to friends from afar, but it just does not feel the same. The holidays are my favorite time of year and I know it can also be the hardest time of year for many people, especially those living by themselves or who are isolated or immobile.

This year, I plan to bring the Twelve Days of Christmas Deliveries to my dad. He lives by himself and has been so good about limiting contact. He has gone out only a handful of times since shelter in place started. We have missed seeing him too. To perk up the holidays for us and him, my son and I will deliver a new item to his doorstep every day beginning December 1st.

A huge bonus in doing the deliveries is it includes my family and my son. Together. I see this as an excellent opportunity to tech giving from your heart and spreading kindness. It also creates the sense of uniting in these crazy times. Maybe this will start a new tradition for us too! I love the idea and would like to keep the momentum going through the year.

Thinking about trying the Twelve Days of Christmas Deliveries too? Here are some helpful hints if you plan to do so:

Start Date
Do you have to start on December 1st? No way. Pick 12 days that work for you and start with that.

Consecutive Days
Do the days need to be all in a row? No again. Do what works for your schedule.

Think about who could benefit from daily deliveries on their doorstep. Do you have a neighbor living by themselves? An older friend who can’t get out as much as they used to? Your parents? You really can’t go wrong with choosing the “who”!

Is it expensive? No. You can create any budget that you wish and include things that you already have or that you can create, kids art for example. If you want to go all out, try supporting as many local and small businesses as possible. Still, no matter what the budget, keep small businesses in mind as an idea for your deliveries.

The List
This list will help spark some holiday ideas for you to set your deliveries up. Use this list, adapt it or create a new one. There are no rules here and no right or wrong way to spread holiday cheer! Handmade, store bought, re-gifts, food, Christmas decorations. They all work!

Small real or fake Christmas tree

Plate of food from a home cooked meal


Cup of coffee or tea

A treat from the bakery


Handprint art from your child

Picture of your child or family (framed or unframed)

Card made by you or your child

Take out meal

Hand sanitizer

Hand soap

Christmas decoration

Christmas doormat





Mistletoes art from your child

Nuts and attach a note “we would go nuts without you”

Christmas memories in a jar

Loaf of homemade bread or muffins

Holiday stamps

Christmas wrapping paper



Soup or Chili

A jar or mug filled with candy




Christmas gift that you already planned to give that person